• We are Neil, Eron, Niki, Amanda, Kelly & Lidia – Nice to meet you! We make up the full time team here at Front Room. Beyond us, we have an amazing-sauce team of part-time folks that help us rock your wedding.

    We have fun. A lot of it. Pretty much all the time.

    We have come from all over (Delafield, Platteville, Florida, Washington DC, and Russia) to live and work in Milwaukee (except for Eron – he has always been here).

    Some of us have musical talent, some of us like to read, others like TV. We all love storytelling. Sometimes to a fault. Our office is open concept and conversation is hard to stop.

    You’ll see us do crazy things to get a shot – laying in puddles, scaling heavy machinery, traversing muddy fields…it’s all been known to happen.

    We believe our clients get better art when we educate them. So we do.

    We love pie. And donuts. Sometimes we work out together. But mostly we eat donuts. And pie. And cookies. No sugar is safe.

  • FRONT ROOM values

    In everything we do, we have these things in mind. Because it’s important to us.  It’s just the way we want to live life and do business.

    Carl, FRPeep

    ART & creativity

    We are super, over the top, crazy passionate about making unique and stunning art for everyone we meet. To do that, we push ourselves to new frontiers, building on experience and using the latest and greatest equipment, tips and tricks and good ol’ fashioned professional growth.

    Niki, FRPeep

    CLIENT focused

    We want to WOW our clients. So we spend our time figuring out new and exciting ways to do just that. No matter the scope of the shoot, the amount of the investment. Our clients are awesome. We love all of them and strive to give them the very best of ourselves.  

    Eron, FRPeep

    RELIABILITY & service

    Our clients want peace of mind. They hire us because they know we will take care of them at every step of the way. Behind the scenes (planning the shoot out, backing up all data afterward). And during the shoot (flawlessly navigating the unexpected that come up during photo shoots).

    Amanda, FRPeep

    PROFESSIONALISM honesty, & integrity

    All of this is for nothing if we don’t have standards of behavior, morals and ethics. Our actions are always sincere and honorable.

    Eron, FRPeep

    OPTIMISTIC positive attitude & fun

    We love life. We love our job. We bring a lighthearted attitude, humor and fun to our shoots. Everyone has fun. And fun always means better finished products.  

    Carl, FRPeep

    RESPECT & gratitude

    Thank you – for being here. For looking at our work. We have unending gratitude to our clients, who make it possible for us to do what we love for a living. The trust our clients put in us to capture their most precious memories is huge and we do not take that duty lightly. We respect the things that are important to them and keep that in mind while we work. And finally, a huge shoutout to our loved ones, our family & friends, without your love and support, we wouldn’t be here today. (There was our fake award winner speech for the day.)

    Carl, Niki, FRPeep

    CHARITY & community

    We believe in growing and strengthening our community. We are generous with our donations and gifts to make the place we live and work better. Remember giving changes you too – not just others! It’s the best!

  • Our Address

    2637 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207
    United States
    Phone: (414) 294-0080
    Studio / Emergency: (414) 982-5243
    Email: info@frphoto.com