Milwaukee Public Museum Wedding: Michelle & Niall!

Milwaukee Public Museum Wedding: Michelle & Niall! When Michelle and Niall called us about their Milwaukee Public Museum wedding, they warned us it would not be traditional. They loved our work but also wanted to make sure a staple of the wedding industry like us would be able to embrace their totally non-traditional vision. We reassured them that we pride ourselves on our ability to blend into any scene and […]

Pritzlaff Wedding: Kelly & Nick!

Pritzlaff Wedding: Kelly & Nick! Kelly and Nick went all in on their Pritzlaff wedding. In addition to choosing Pritzlaff as the venue for their ceremony and reception, they had Cori Coffman of Pritzlaff coordinate their whole wedding! They couldn’t have been happier with any of these choices. “A great wedding planner is worth his/her weight in gold. They can give you insight on who is amazing, Front Room as an example, […]

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Elle!

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Elle! It’s always a treat when we can use our position as a Milwaukee portrait photographer to benefit our friends.  We have known Paul and Tali for forever.  They are one of the sweetest couples we know and we knew if they ever chose to start a family they would be amazing parents. For this shoot, we went to the lovely Trimborn Farms.  It is really a […]

Discovery World Wedding: Meghan & Brett!

Discovery World Wedding: Meghan & Brett! Meghan and Brett planned a simple, stunning Discovery World wedding. They had a wonderfully succinct philosophy about their wedding: “Relax!! You can’t control everything. Be easy going and you will have the best time. If you are having fun, your guests are having fun.” This statement about sums up Meghan and Brett in general. They are a truly laid back couple that completely accept […]

Hilton City Center Wedding: Jeanette & Sean!

Hilton City Center: Jeanette & Sean! Jeanette and Sean’s Hilton City Center wedding was a wonderfully fun day that took us all the way from Cedarburg to downtown Milwaukee. While Sean and the guys were getting ready at Hilton City Center, Jeanette started her day with her ladies at her parent’s home in Grafton. It was the perfect location: far away from Sean, close to the church and a wonderful place […]

Pfister Wedding Photography: Jessica & Blake!

Pfister Wedding Photography: Jessica & Blake! There are some qualities you can always expect to see in our Pfister wedding photography. The space encourages a timelessness to the photos, there is always a warm glow about and there are awesome downtown backdrops all around this classic Milwaukee hotel. Jessica and Blake embraced all of these qualities but also added their own flavor the events of the day. “Blake and I […]

Delafield Hotel Wedding: Ali & Tyler!

Delafield Hotel Wedding: Ali & Tyler! Ali and Tyler have been envisioning their Delafield Hotel wedding for years. They have been together since their freshman year of high school, evolving their relationship to the point when Tyler asked the fateful question. “Tyler proposed on June 6th, 2016 (a day before his birthday). I planned a weekend getaway at his lakehouse for his birthday which included decorating his lakehouse, making all […]

Schlitz Audubon Wedding: Annie & Andrew!

Schlitz Audubon Wedding: Annie & Andrew! We thought Annie and Andrew would be the best ones suited to tell their Schlitz Audubon wedding story. It’s a story about love: for each other, for their friends and families, and for an amazing team of vendors that came together to make their day as wonderful and easy as they could hope for. First some advice from the bride: “It is your day […]

Milwaukee Art Museum Wedding: Nicole & Dan!

Milwaukee Art Museum Wedding: Nicole & Dan! From the first conversation we had with Nicole and Dan, we knew their Milwaukee Art Museum wedding would not only be cool and classy but also that it would feature two of the sweetest people we’ve worked with in our years. They came into every conversation with warm smiles and a true appreciation for all that we do. When we found out we […]

Milwaukee Proposal Photographer: David and Adam!

Milwaukee Proposal Photographer: David and Adam! As a Milwaukee proposal photographer, we get to know a couple very well and very quickly through this amazing shared experience.  There are some extra special experiences we’ve had when we get to document this crazy roller coaster for a couple that are already friends. Such was the case with David and Adam.  David, the genius behind Dynamic Events by David Caruso, has been […]

Villa Terrace Wedding: Ashley & Joe!

Villa Terrace Wedding: Ashley & Joe! People ask us all the time for our craziest wedding stories and about our “Bridezillas” and, the fact is, we just don’t have them. Our couples are sweet folks that want to have a great day and come away with amazing art. Ashley and Joe are such a great example of that approach, which was clear as soon as they called us about their […]

Congratulations Lidia & John!

Congratulations Lidia & John! Our very own Lidia is getting married tomorrow in Prague!  We couldn’t be happier for her and John.  Even though we couldn’t make to around the world to be at her wedding in person, we were able to all celebrate with her on a super fun boat tour around Milwaukee.  Amanda also had a chance to make these beautiful images of the two of them to […]

Wisconsin Farm Wedding: Emma & Scott!

Wisconsin Farm Wedding: Emma & Scott! Emma and Scott’s Wisconsin farm wedding was a truly unique experience. Any time a wedding day happens on a private family farm, it is inherently new to us and intensely personal to that couple and family. When you add some horses into the mix, it takes it up another notch. The location and the animals were only surface-level qualities that made this wedding so […]

South Shore Pavilion Wedding: Hannah & Michael!

South Shore Pavilion Wedding: Hannah & Michael! It is a rare circumstance when we never have to leave Bay View to cover a wedding day, but that was the case with Hannah and Michael’s South Shore Pavilion wedding. We love keeping it in the neighborhood, especially with an awesome couple with a wonderful community of friends and family supporting them. South Shore Pavilion is one of our favorite places in town […]

Hilton Milwaukee Wedding: Angela & Bill!

Hilton Milwaukee Wedding: Angela & Bill! When Angela first emailed us about her Hilton Milwaukee wedding, we had a feeling right off the bat that it would be a good fit. “I’m looking for a photographer we can have fun with but who will also give us some level of direction. We want our photos to be candid, we don’t want many staged photos (yes yes you’ll have your family […]