Elizabeth & Brad’s Dynamic Events Wedding Day!

Elizabeth & Brad’s Dynamic Events Wedding Day! This is the story of Elizabeth and Brad’s Dynamic Events wedding. It was such a large story with so many wonderful details we split it into two blogs! Please check out the details blog to see the amazing look the Dynamic Events by David Caruso team put together. In addition to an amazing display of artistry, the people that came together to support Elizabeth […]

Elizabeth & Brad’s Dynamic Events Wedding: Details! Details! Details!

Dynamic Events Wedding: Elizabeth & Brad’s Details! Whenever we are involved with a Dynamic Events wedding, we know a few things: it will be an unforgettable experience, every detail will be tended to, and the bride and groom will be thrilled with the results. Elizabeth and Brad’s wedding weekend was no exception. The 1.8 million crystals used to make the Milwaukee Art Museum even more magical than it usually is […]

Wedding Rehearsal: Elizabeth & Brad!

Wedding Rehearsal: Elizabeth & Brad! It’s n0t often we get to come to the rehearsal and dinner the night before a wedding, but it is always a treat when we do. Not only do we get a preview of exactly how the ceremony will go down (and sometimes even offer our advice and guidance), but we also get a chance to meet all the people closest to the bride and […]

Shullys Wedding: Cheryle & Rick!

Shullys Wedding: Cheryle & Rick! Cheryle and Rick’s Shullys wedding was like a cocktail party where a wedding broke out in the middle of it. Those are our favorite kinds of weddings as they are all about maximizing the fun and not too worried about the formality of everything. Cheryle and Rick are the couple that chuckles at the beginning and end of every phrase. They were adamant that this was just […]

Events To a T Wedding Details!

Events To a T Details! Some couples wonder if it is worth hiring a coordinator. The couples that have chosen one realize by the time they’ve gotten through the planning process that it is. There are so many intricate details to think about that the process can easily go off the rails and turn a truly wonderful life event into something way too stressful. Having an Events to a T […]

Pfister Wedding: Andrea & Rob!

Pfister Wedding: Andrea & Rob! Rob always takes everything to the nth degree. His lifetime of over-pursuing his goals has earned him the family nickname “Extreme Rob”. It also earned him the girl of his dreams, Andrea. During their Pfister wedding, Neil and Amanda learned just how Andrea was eerily conditioned for this type of dedication. The only passion that could rival Rob’s came from Andrea’s mom’s loving and supportive […]

Dynamic Events by David Caruso Wedding: Megan & Sam!

Dynamic Events by David Caruso Wedding: Megan & Sam! Once in a while the stars align and the right family finds the right coordinator who finds the right photographer and a new tribe is born. The tradition began five years ago of epic, personally styled weddings for an amazing family when Megan’s sister Kelly called Dynamic Events by David Caruso who called us about her wedding. Then four years ago […]

Black Swan Wedding: Jamie & Sean!

Black Swan Wedding: Jamie & Sean! Jamie and Sean set out to accomplish a delicate balance of style for their wedding: classy and cool, upscale and casual, light yet poignant. With the help of a great team of vendors, they accomplished all their goals! Jamie knew she had to let go of some of the control she so naturally gravitated toward Midwestern Bride for their expertise. “As a person who likes to […]

Turner Hall Wedding: Erin & Ben!

Turner Hall Wedding: Erin & Ben! Erin and Ben had a very altruistic approach to planning their Turner Hall wedding. “We want everyone to have fun and we want this to be as easy and stress-free for our guests as possible. It is really important to us that our guests feel relaxed and have a good time. We feel that our wedding is as much about celebrating the people in […]

Hotel Metro Wedding: Abby & Josh!

Hotel Metro Wedding: Abby & Josh! Abby and Josh are a couple that embody an awesome balance of confidence, drive, empathy, and sweetness. From the moment we met, it was clear that they would have a wedding that was exactly to their tastes and they would be super appreciative of every single person that shared the experience with them. By limiting their guest list to 30 special people, half of […]

Chicago Engagement Photographer: Daina & Mehran!

Chicago Engagement Photographer: Daina & Mehran! It was a night much like this one that Mehran proposed to Daina at this very location, the gardens surrounding the Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, IL.  It’s one of the couple’s favorite places to visit and meditate.  What better place to ask the woman you love to spend the rest of her life with you? When Amanda was discussing the plan for […]

Pabst Best Place Wedding: Jennifer & Jason!

Pabst Best Place Wedding: Jennifer & Jason! When Jennifer and Jason first called us, it wasn’t about their Pabst Best Place wedding. They were just looking for a few family photos before the wedding. Their priorities weren’t about having the biggest, best wedding ever. They were just hoping to be able to show up without stains on their clothes. You see, they are new parents, not just a bride and […]

Milwaukee Public Museum Wedding: Michelle & Niall!

Milwaukee Public Museum Wedding: Michelle & Niall! When Michelle and Niall called us about their Milwaukee Public Museum wedding, they warned us it would not be traditional. They loved our work but also wanted to make sure a staple of the wedding industry like us would be able to embrace their totally non-traditional vision. We reassured them that we pride ourselves on our ability to blend into any scene and […]

Pritzlaff Wedding: Kelly & Nick!

Pritzlaff Wedding: Kelly & Nick! Kelly and Nick went all in on their Pritzlaff wedding. In addition to choosing Pritzlaff as the venue for their ceremony and reception, they had Cori Coffman of Pritzlaff coordinate their whole wedding! They couldn’t have been happier with any of these choices. “A great wedding planner is worth his/her weight in gold. They can give you insight on who is amazing, Front Room as an example, […]