Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Natalie & Steve!

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Natalie & Steve! Natalie and Steve weren’t just looking for a Milwaukee engagement photographer. They were searching for the perfect fit for their wedding and knew their engagement session vision would help them narrow the field. Many couples have very little idea what they would like to do for their engagement session, so it was a refreshing change of pace to have very specific ideas come our […]

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: United Way!

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: United Way! As a Milwaukee commercial photographer, we recently had the honor of helping to introduce the 2017 United Way Campaign Co-Chairs to the world. This is a talented, driven, and generous collection of individuals United Way has chosen to lead their 2017 campaign. We can’t wait to see the various ways that United Way helps our local community in the coming year and we have no […]

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer: Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride!

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer:  Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride! As a Milwaukee wedding photographer for the past 20 years, we have developed wonderful relationships with so many talented artists in town.  Throughout any wedding season, each weekend we get to a couple of them and catch up for a few minutes before we all have to get back to the job at hand.  We love Milwaukee’s Magnificent bride for many reasons, but getting […]

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: Shelby Made It!

Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: Shelby Made It! Some of our jobs as a Milwaukee commercial photographer require our creative brains to come up with ideas to tell the story our clients don’t know how to tell. That was not the case with Shelby, our former graphic designer who has launched her own company Shelby Made It! “I contacted Front Room looking for some headshots and some branding images for my business. I have […]

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: A Front Room Family!

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer:  A Front Room Family! Being a Milwaukee portrait photographer has exposed us to some really amazing kids and families.  Some of them come back regularly giving us an opportunity to see and document the incremental growth that is so easy to overlook.  Kate, Anne and Abbey have been checking in with us annually for a few years now and, from the beginning, they have thoroughly been who they […]

Milwaukee Event Photographer: Get HIITched Bootcamp!

Milwaukee Event Photographer: Get HIITched Bootcamp! Being a Milwaukee event photographer pulls us in many directions. Once in a while, the commercial side of our business butts up nicely against the wedding side of our business. This was one of those times. Our friends at Body Fuel Inc. teamed up with Milwaukee Magazine and The Seeboth to put together The GetHIITched Bootcamp where brides, grooms, bridesmaids, and even some moms […]

Pritzlaff Wedding Open House!

Pritzlaff Wedding Open House! The Pritzlaff wedding open house was an educational blast for all those that participated! With three rooms filled with Milwaukee’s top vendors, there were plenty of artisans for local couples to get to know. The Pritzlaff enjoys an unmatched reputation in town as a fantastic, raw space with loads of potential. Couples had a great chance to see it fulfilling that potential at the Pritzlaff wedding open […]

Atrium Milwaukee Wedding: Events to a T Styled Shoot!

Atrium Milwaukee Wedding:  Events to a T Styled Shoot! Soon, the internet will be flooded with the latest The Atrium Milwaukee wedding photos.  They are still putting the finishing touches on the space and, already, dates are being booked left and right for the upcoming wedding season.  This is just the latest venture for Paul Hackbarth, founder of Sound by Design and the various Camp Bar’s that have popped up […]

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Megan & Sam!

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Megan & Sam! Sometimes being a Milwaukee engagement photographer means seeing an old friend and making a new one!  After shooting both of Megan’s sisters’ weddings over the years, that’s what this day felt like. We hadn’t had the chance to meet Sam yet, but there’s nothing better to break the ice than a game of chase the light all over downtown Milwaukee.  After spending the afternoon […]

Milwaukee Event Photographer: United Way!

Milwaukee Event Photographer: United Way! Being a Milwaukee event photographer has brought us into close contact with many inspirational people and their efforts to help better their community. No organization represents that spirit better than United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County. Their annual closing ceremony is the crowning event of their campaign, honoring those that have given so much of themselves to help others. At this event, they reveal how […]

Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride!

Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride! We are so excited that this Sunday is time for another Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride show at The Pfister! The fine people at Dynamic Events by David Caruso, Stone Manor Bridal and Blooming Quill have brought us together over the last decade and this show has established itself as one of Milwaukee’s classiest wedding gatherings. Not only is it the best place to meet all the best wedding vendors […]

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: A Family in the Park!

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: A Family in the Park! The developing personalities a Milwaukee portrait photographer encounters are truly astounding.  Each child is such a unique combination of bits of each parent along with the little quirks that are starting to define this new life. Liam as nothing if not filled with personality.  This came as no surprise to us.  We got to know a couple of the generations that helped […]