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Milwaukee Wedding Photographer: Katie & Jimmy!

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer: Katie & Jimmy! As a Milwaukee wedding photographer, Eron often finds himself in someone’s home, in someone’s family, in someone’s life for a brief, but meaningful period. Such was the case with Katie and Jimmy. The day started in the Maid of Honor’s partially renovated farmhouse, with the overwhelming feeling of excitement for Katie and this long-awaited day. Indeed, there was a party atmosphere all morning with the […]

Pritzlaff Wedding: Caitlin & Scott!

Pritzlaff Wedding: Caitlin & Scott! Caitlin and Scott started out planning a brunch Pritzlaff wedding but ended up with so much more from their day. There were more laughter and tears than could be anticipated. More friends and family gathering from more places than anyone could expect. More toasts and cheers than they had planned. It was a wonderful day that left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. Caitlin […]

Grain Exchange Wedding: Candice & Ramard!

Grain Exchange Wedding: Candice & Ramard! You could call Candice and Ramard “do-it-yourselfers”. They are self-made people who have yet to be hindered by the concept of a limitation. Their Grain Exchange wedding was no exception. To start off, they had a band from Atlanta, a DJ from Milwaukee, an amazing self-directed R&B video featuring the two of them and their five sons. Then, using copious amount of uplighting, they […]

Milwaukee County Historical Society Wedding: Jenessa & Adam!

Milwaukee County Historical Society Wedding: Jenessa & Adam! The seeds for Jenessa & Adam’s Milwaukee County Historical Society wedding were sown over PBRs in a bar in Cincinnati. That pretty much sets the stage for who Jenessa and Adam are. “We’re also not super serious. We want the whole feel of the day to be a big party. While the site may seem somewhat formal, we want the party itself […]

Central Park Wedding New York: Natalie & Ian!

Central Park Wedding New York: Natalie & Ian! It’s not often our calendar reads: “Central Park wedding New York.” But it sure is exciting when it does! When Natalie and Ian called us about their Wisconsin reception this fall, we naturally asked what the plan was for the wedding ceremony. What many couples don’t realize is that we travel all over the world for weddings. It may sound a bit outlandish […]

Cuvee Wedding: Ann and Jay!

Cuvee Wedding: Ann and Jay! Ann and Jay knew that if they were going to achieve the classy, laid back Cuvee wedding of their dreams they would need to call in the experts. They started by bringing Dynamic Events by David Caruso on board knowing they could help them realize their vision. From there, the Dynamic Events crew called in all their compatriots, forming a dream team made up of […]

South Shore Pavilion Wedding: Karly & Ross!

South Shore Pavilion Wedding: Karly & Ross! Karly and Ross put together an amazing South Shore Pavilion wedding, but they didn’t do it alone.  “Without Karly’s family, we would not have been able to pull this off. Between the planning meetings, coordinating the decorations, and decorating our venue, they were an incredible help. We are blessed to have these amazing people in our lives,” Ross explained. It’s true. Not only […]

Pritzlaff Wedding: Louisa and Andrew!

Pritzlaff Wedding: Louisa and Andrew! For Louisa and Andrew, their Pritzlaff wedding was more than a list of to-do’s to be checked off by a deadline. It was a the culmination of a 4-day celebration that gave them ample time to enjoy the company of all their favorite people for one of life’s best excuses to party. As Louisa explained to one of the older couples at the wedding, “I […]

Pfister Wedding: Caitlin & Aaron!

Pfister Wedding: Caitlin & Aaron! Caitlin and Aaron’s Pfister wedding was the culmination of much planning from afar. Their home base being in San Fransisco was challenging enough, but throw in traveling for work and it makes sense that our first “meeting” was a conference call connecting three cities and two continents. Thankfully, that separation did nothing to diminish their long-time connection with each other or their almost instant connection […]

Engine Company 3 Wedding: Liz & Keith!

Engine Company 3 Wedding: Liz & Keith! Liz and Keith had a perfect October day for their Engine Company 3 wedding which provided wonderful opportunities for their first look and photos around downtown. After making the most of the Riverwalk area, they met their families for photos so that once their ceremony began, the rest of the day was spent enjoying their Engine Company 3 wedding. We always encourage couples to […]

Wisconsin Club Wedding: Megan & Bill!

Wisconsin Club Wedding: Megan & Bill! This is a special treat. We were so excited about Megan and Bill’s Wisconsin Club wedding that we went ahead an chose an extra long story to share with everyone right away. There are some days that are so rich with detail, beauty, emotion that it’s easier to fully finish a bunch of photos right away than try to narrow down the list to […]

Wauwatosa Wedding Photographer: Marie & Spencer!

Wauwatosa Wedding Photographer: Marie & Spencer! Marie and Spencer were looking for more than a Cafe Hollander Wauwatosa wedding photographer. They were looking for an artist that could seamlessly blend into an experience, guiding them at times but also giving them the freedom to experience their wedding day as it unfolds. Marie and Spencer are generally content with taking in a new Game of Thrones episode with their cats or teaming […]

South Shore Park Pavilion Wedding: Molly & Luke!

South Shore Park Pavilion Wedding: Molly & Luke! Molly & Luke could not have hoped for anything more from their South Shore Park Pavilion wedding.  “Our wedding day was perfect from beginning to end. One hundred percent of it is thanks to our parents and my giant family (there are nine of us kids in total) for helping throughout the entire day,” Molly explained. It really was a family affair with […]

Hilton City Center Wedding: Rachel & Matt!

Hilton City Center Wedding by Events to a T: Rachel & Matt! After many years of laughing, some crying, and lots of rhythmic dancing Rachel and Matt finally made their Hilton City Center wedding a reality! It was way back in 2004 when this romance started at a Marquette High School dance. Matt noticed Rachel across the dance floor struggling with a less gifted dancer, and he seized the opportunity […]

Pritzlaff Wedding: Jessica & John!

Pritzlaff Wedding: Jessica & John! Jessica and John got just about all they hoped for out of their Pritzlaff wedding. Heartfelt letters to each other, a touching ceremony and a raucous party. The rain even cooperated, adding a smattering of clouds to the sky but clearing up just in time to make a trip to the roof of the Pritzlaff building, which was their most anticipated photo location of the day. The rain […]