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Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Ashton Turns 1!

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer:  Ashton Turns 1! We had the honor of shooting Ashton’s parent’s wedding a couple years ago.  At that time, we had no way of knowing this cutie would be coming to see us someday.  That’s the fun part of being a Milwaukee portrait photographer, getting to see families again every year or two and see how that family has grown. The big idea for the shoot was […]

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: A Family in the Park!

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: A Family in the Park! The developing personalities a Milwaukee portrait photographer encounters are truly astounding.  Each child is such a unique combination of bits of each parent along with the little quirks that are starting to define this new life. Liam as nothing if not filled with personality.  This came as no surprise to us.  We got to know a couple of the generations that helped […]

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Six Month Portrait!

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Six Month Portrait! As a Milwaukee portrait photographer, little gives us more joy than hanging out in the studio with a half year old! There is a sweet spot in that first year of life when expressions and personality are abounding but mobility is not. Contrast that with the year and a half portrait when mobility abounds but the ability to be reasoned with hasn’t quite set in […]

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: The Marsch’s!

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: The Marsch Family! When Jennifer & Douglas first called us, they were not looking for a Milwaukee portrait photographer – they were just starting to plan their 2008 wedding. They quickly learned that while we have a passion for wedding photography, that passion extends to our portraits! Years later, when their first daughter Marcella came along they called with the good news and it was time for […]