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Schlitz Audubon Wedding: Gina & Jeff!

Schlitz Audubon Wedding: Gina & Jeff! Gina and Jeff wanted very little from their Schlitz Audubon wedding. All they needed was a beautiful place to stand together and declare their undying love for each other. Other than that, they already have everything they need in life. After all, neither thought they’d find themselves in this place, together in life – they are just thrilled that they did. Gina was very […]

Marcus Center for the Performing Arts Wedding: Jessie & Serhij!

Marcus Center for the Performing Arts Wedding: Jessie & Serhij! When Jessie and Serhij were planning their Marcus Center for the Performing Arts wedding, a few things were clear. They did not want to see each other before the ceremony, this day was as much about celebrating them as it was about their guests, and they were committed not only to each other but to having a blast at their wedding. […]

Grain Exchange Wedding: Jen & Kyle!

Grain Exchange Wedding: Jen & Kyle! Jen and Kyle’s Grain Exchange wedding was all they could have hoped for. A smooth, fun morning of preparation led to a moving ceremony at Old St. Mary’s. Some fun times with the wedding party around town climaxed with an amazing party at Grain Exchange. Amanda was looking forward to this wedding for awhile as the months between the booking and the wedding date […]

River Club of Mequon Wedding: Rachel & Christian!

River Club of Mequon Wedding: Rachel & Christian! Rachel and Christian were blessed with an unbelievably beautiful day for their River Club of Mequon wedding! From the beginning, they were more interested in creating a day for their guests than to shine the spotlight on themselves. Once they saw the River Club of Mequon (and met the irascible Larry Kreiner, the man of boundless energy that personally sees to each […]

Grain Exchange Wedding: Elizabeth & Jamie!

 Grain Exchange Wedding: Elizabeth & Jamie! The month of May in Wisconsin could bring any kind of weather. Elizabeth and Jamie were thrilled when they awoke to a gorgeous day for their Grain Exchange wedding! Starting out at the classic Hilton Garden Inn for preparations and the equally stately Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist for the ceremony, this day that Elizabeth and Jamie set up was poised for a […]

Renaissance Place 1451 Wedding: Kaitlyn & Andy!

Renaissance Place 1451 Wedding: Kaitlyn & Andy! When we asked Kaitlyn what her favorite aspects of her Renaissance Place 1451 wedding were, she said the following: “Dancing and being with all of my friends and family. I do love my dress though, haha!” This is a perfect representation of their character. Friends and family come first. Class and style are a close second. After photographing a wide array of scenes, locales, […]

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer: Katie & Jimmy!

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer: Katie & Jimmy! As a Milwaukee wedding photographer, Eron often finds himself in someone’s home, in someone’s family, in someone’s life for a brief, but meaningful period. Such was the case with Katie and Jimmy. The day started in the Maid of Honor’s partially renovated farmhouse, with the overwhelming feeling of excitement for Katie and this long-awaited day. Indeed, there was a party atmosphere all morning with the […]

Turner Hall Wedding Show: WEDMKE!

Turner Hall Wedding Show:  WEDMKE! One Sunday we look forward to every year is the Turner Hall wedding show WEDMKE, put on by Turner Hall and Milwaukee Airwaves.  It isn’t your typical wedding show, which should come as no surprise when it’s in one of Milwaukee’s most character-driven venues.  Every artisan here brings their own voice to their craft, choosing to eschew the status quo for a more inspired vision. […]

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer: Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride!

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer:  Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride! As a Milwaukee wedding photographer for the past 20 years, we have developed wonderful relationships with so many talented artists in town.  Throughout any wedding season, each weekend we get to a couple of them and catch up for a few minutes before we all have to get back to the job at hand.  We love Milwaukee’s Magnificent bride for many reasons, but getting […]

Pritzlaff Wedding Open House!

Pritzlaff Wedding Open House! The Pritzlaff wedding open house was an educational blast for all those that participated! With three rooms filled with Milwaukee’s top vendors, there were plenty of artisans for local couples to get to know. The Pritzlaff enjoys an unmatched reputation in town as a fantastic, raw space with loads of potential. Couples had a great chance to see it fulfilling that potential at the Pritzlaff wedding open […]

Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride!

Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride! We are so excited that this Sunday is time for another Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride show at The Pfister! The fine people at Dynamic Events by David Caruso, Stone Manor Bridal and Blooming Quill have brought us together over the last decade and this show has established itself as one of Milwaukee’s classiest wedding gatherings. Not only is it the best place to meet all the best wedding vendors […]

Dynamic Events Wedding: Kelly & Trish!

Dynamic Events Wedding: Kelly & Trish! Our latest Dynamic Events wedding was also our first of 2017 and we couldn’t have had a more unique wedding to warm up our January. Kelly and Trish are a force unto themselves, with an energy that brings people in and a kindness that keeps them there. Throw into that mix a crazy amount of talent and style with Dynamic Events by David Caruso in charge of […]

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer: Ashly & Matt!

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer: Ashly & Matt! Ashly and Matt weren’t just looking for a Milwaukee wedding photographer, they were looking for a Wisconsin winter magician! When they chose to have a winter wedding in Wisconsin, they assumed snow would be part of the deal and embraced the concept. When their day rolled around and it was a balmy 50 degrees, it took some finagling to achieve their long-adopted vision. And […]

Grain Exchange Wedding: Candice & Ramard!

Grain Exchange Wedding: Candice & Ramard! You could call Candice and Ramard “do-it-yourselfers”. They are self-made people who have yet to be hindered by the concept of a limitation. Their Grain Exchange wedding was no exception. To start off, they had a band from Atlanta, a DJ from Milwaukee, an amazing self-directed R&B video featuring the two of them and their five sons. Then, using copious amount of uplighting, they […]

Pritzlaff Wedding: Carrie & Casey!

Pritzlaff Wedding: Carrie & Casey! Carrie and Casey overcame some challenges while planning their Pritzlaff wedding. Planning a wedding is never easy, but working around a professional baseball player’s schedule poses a unique set of obstacles. Taking off from work an hour early to meet the florist just isn’t an option in their situation. Sitting on the couch together browsing websites and dreaming about the big day only happens during […]