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South Shore Pavilion Wedding: Karly & Ross!

South Shore Pavilion Wedding: Karly & Ross! Karly and Ross put together an amazing South Shore Pavilion wedding, but they didn’t do it alone.  “Without Karly’s family, we would not have been able to pull this off. Between the planning meetings, coordinating the decorations, and decorating our venue, they were an incredible help. We are blessed to have these amazing people in our lives,” Ross explained. It’s true. Not only […]

Pritzlaff Wedding: Louisa and Andrew!

Pritzlaff Wedding: Louisa and Andrew! For Louisa and Andrew, their Pritzlaff wedding was more than a list of to-do’s to be checked off by a deadline. It was a the culmination of a 4-day celebration that gave them ample time to enjoy the company of all their favorite people for one of life’s best excuses to party. As Louisa explained to one of the older couples at the wedding, “I […]

Wauwatosa Wedding Photographer: Marie & Spencer!

Wauwatosa Wedding Photographer: Marie & Spencer! Marie and Spencer were looking for more than a Cafe Hollander Wauwatosa wedding photographer. They were looking for an artist that could seamlessly blend into an experience, guiding them at times but also giving them the freedom to experience their wedding day as it unfolds. Marie and Spencer are generally content with taking in a new Game of Thrones episode with their cats or teaming […]

Pritzlaff Wedding: Jessica & John!

Pritzlaff Wedding: Jessica & John! Jessica and John got just about all they hoped for out of their Pritzlaff wedding. Heartfelt letters to each other, a touching ceremony and a raucous party. The rain even cooperated, adding a smattering of clouds to the sky but clearing up just in time to make a trip to the roof of the Pritzlaff building, which was their most anticipated photo location of the day. The rain […]

Boerner Botanical Wedding: Christine & Jason!

Boerner Botanical Wedding:  Christine & Jason! Christine and Jason both grew up in Bay View on opposite sides of Humboldt Park.  However, they didn’t know that or each other until they both started working at Target.  From there, the sparks flew and now they like to remind each other from time to time that, “You can find anything at Target… even your future spouse.” When Christine and Jason contacted us about […]

Jessica & Michael’s Chic Pritzlaff Wedding!

Jessica may be the most thankful bride in our 18 year history.  Before we can finish one thank you email another one is sitting in the InBox!  Well, this is our way of thanking her for being a tremendous client and a beautiful bride. She and Michael are good people surrounded and supported by more good people.  It was an honor to share their wedding day with them.

Événement Planning Helps Michelle and Curtis Transform the Grain Exchange!

Michelle and Curtis fell in love with the Grain Exchange, both for it’s innate character and its potential.  They had a wintery vision for their wedding and enlisted the help of Evenement Planning to help enact it.  It was chock full of sparkle and bling, befitting a former beauty queen. Toward the end of summer, it’s feels nice to look back on a crisp January day infused with the warmth […]

Ronnie & Christine’s Multi-Cultural Wedding at Gesu and Milwaukee Art Museum!

Ronnie and Christine have a huge and vibrant family, circle of friends and love.  With both a Catholic and Indian heritage guiding them, they are surrounded by plenty of wisdom and a ton of tradition.  Throw in Gesu and the Milwaukee Art Museum and you have a photographer’s golden trifecta:  awesome people doing interesting things in beautiful places. This was a great start to the official wedding season.  Can’t wait […]

Amanda & Tony’s Engagement Portrait and Stunning Wisconsin Club Wedding!

As we work to show you all our highlights from 2013, we come upon the story of Amanda and Tony.  This photographic journey takes you through their engagement portrait (which itself spanned all the way from Bay View to the Pritzlaff) through their massive celebration at the Wisconsin Club. Throughout this timeframe, you are witnessing a couple transition from anticipating their wedding to celebrating it.  In all, this was their […]

Beautiful Wedding at the Madison Masonic Center in July – Jane and Brian

Jane and Brian hoped for and received a memorable gorgeous day for their wedding.  They invited only those that meant the most to them to share in this intimate experience.  Given the freedom to interpret not only their day but all the most precious relationships they have was not only an honor but also a blast! Enjoy the results!

Tripoli Country Club October Wedding Photography – Laura & Chris!

Laura and Chris really wanted to create a memorable, touching, and over all fun experience for their guests.  To that end, they adopted a masquerade theme and even ended up with Groucho Marx glasses making an appearance during the toasts!  Tripoli Country Club was a perfect setting for their entire wedding day. On these cold winter days, it’s nice to relive an October afternoon.

Dynamic Events and Bartolotta’s Pier Wiscconsin Wedding Photography – Erika & Chris!

Erika and Chris are the rare couple that, without the benefit of meeting them or getting them in front of our cameras prior to their rehearsal , could not have been more at ease with us.   When you’re that good looking, genuine and have the love of your life next you, what’s not to be at ease about?  When you throw in the fact that David Caruso from Dynamic Events […]