Milwaukee Wedding Photographer Story: A Ribbon Surprise!

Jul 11, 2018 | Amanda | 0 comments

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer Story: A Ribbon Surprise!

You’re taking a real chance surprising a bride with anything at her own wedding. When it’s the moment she is introduced as a married woman, you better make sure you know she’ll love whatever you have planned. Ashley’s mom didn’t doubt her convictions.  She knew Ashley would love the idea of  all the guests so they could wave them in celebration the moment she and Todd were announced.  And she was right! It was at once the most elegant and jubilant way to celebrate their union.

milwaukee wedding photographerIt would be hard to find a couple more expressive and emotional than Ashley and Todd. Their first look almost melted in a vat of tears of joy. By the time their ceremony was over, they were quite literally overjoyed just to be married. Seeing everyone suddenly waving ribbons in the air pushed the whole experience over the top.

This image below is what we call a living day dream. This is the image everyone dreams about getting from their wedding. To have the honor of witnessing and documenting a couple’s day dreams play out is truly special to us.

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