Location Headshots: Shorewest – Alison Flad’s Team!

Jan 11, 2019 | Professional Headshots

A new Shorewest realtor team was looking for new location headshots and reached out to us!  Their marketing campaign needed portraits that are approachable and casual. Those are our favorite kind!

Just like in real estate, the most important factors of photography are timing and location, location, location.  As luck would have it, a storm unexpectedly came in during their session, so we had to work fast to ensure we got the shots before they got rained on! It’s amazing how efficiently things can get done when they just have to!

Luckily, together, we chose two Bay View locations that look warm and inviting. An added benefit is these options also provided the ladies some variety in posing options. When you are unexpectedly pressed for time, having variety within reach is a huge benefit.

To see more examples of our location headshots as well as others, please check out our portfolio!

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