Headshot Tip: Accessories!

Jun 27, 2018 | Professional Headshots

The art of a good headshot is effectively the art of making a good first impression. More and more in this social media age, the first professional image is made by a photograph online. At the same time, styles are always changing. From fashion to lighting techniques to retouching looks, it’s so important that your headshot keeps up with the fashions of the day.

Luckily, refreshing your online look can be as easy as one phone call and about 15 minutes in our studio. And, while you’re here, we have thought of a number of ways to get a lot of variety out of a simple shoot. In this post, we are highlighting how with some strategic planning, a simple wardrobe alteration can really shake things up.

In discussing the goals of the shoot, this client mentioned that she was really hoping to get a few images from this quick session. We discussed how we could accomplish this with the right wardrobe. We settled on this look of a suit coat over a blouse with a pop of color. This gave us the option of opening the coat and really highlighting the beautiful blue blouse. Finally, the coup de grace was making sure she brought a scarf with her. The scarf is our secret weapon. It can drastically change any look instantly. Because she’s wearing a black pantsuit, the scarf could have been any color she wanted and it would have looked amazing!

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