Milwaukee Headshot Photographer: Neroli!

Apr 16, 2019 | Professional Headshots

Some of our headshot clients are one-offs. It could be that someone needs to update their online profile or resume. We also have relationships with a number of corporations who add new hires regularly. They need an overall consistency from person to person for corporate cohesiveness. One of our favorite examples of this is our work we do on Neroli headshots. Since they have become a biannual tradition, we have gotten into a fun rhythm with them. They call us in to update their collection of headshots for their entire stable of stylists. As a result, we have many fun, fashionable friends who can squeeze us in in a hair emergency!

Neroli gathers all their stylists twice a year for training. They call us in during those windows since they conveniently have their entire staff gathered. As stylists, these headshots are always really personality driven and somewhat casual. This makes the whole experience fun for everyone! We love this classic black and white look of Neroli headshots!

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