Milwaukee Headshot Photographer: Two Looks!

Aug 20, 2018 | Professional Headshots

Being a headshot photographer can require coming up with tiny variations to give our clients some options. For instance, we give them different directives like tilting their head slightly, turning their shoulder or asking for a larger or smaller smile. But there are also bold gestures. When we get into outfit, lighting and backdrop changes, that’s when the fun really begins!

Even within something as straightforward as a headshot, it doesn’t take much to add some variety. There are so many different social media needs these days. It is really useful to have at least a couple of different looks to choose from when updating your personal brand. People notice when they see a different photo on LinkedIn versus Instagram. It can also help keep people engaged in this sometimes overwhelming online landscape.

Refreshing your online look can be as easy as one phone call and about 15 minutes in our studio!  Check out our headshot portfolio to see more of our work!

Milwaukee Headshot PhotographerMilwaukee Headshot Photographer