Engagement photos: Being Yourself

Oct 13, 2020 | Engagement Session, Eron | 0 comments

There are so many reasons to choose to have an engagement photos before your wedding. It is a great idea to get to know your photographer and to have an image for save the date cards. But, the most salient is the internal comfort level you develop by being in front of the camera and seeing the results.

Engagement photos

At least half of every couple doesn’t love having their photo taken. That’s not a scientific statistic, but anecdotal after nearly a quarter century working with couples. Even for those that feel at worst neutral, there is a natural amount of apprehension that comes with the unknown. Spending 90 minutes with a great photographer cannot fail to give you confidence in your ability to be natural in front of a camera. You learn that some what is happening requires very little of you. The photographer will take care of the art!

Engagement photos
Engagement photos

Part of what makes our style unique is that it encourages everyone to embrace exactly who they are. We are really good at posing people, but our goal isn’t to turn everyone into a model for the day. Our goal is to find what makes you you and bring it out in a photogenic way. This will allow you to relax that much more on your wedding day knowing you can live your day and love your photos.

To see more of our engagement photos, please check out our portfolio.


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