Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Brittany & Justin!

Feb 13, 2018 | Eron

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer: Brittany & Justin!

As a Milwaukee engagement photographer, it feels like Eron has seen most of the parks, buildings and alleys that Milwaukee has to offer.  However, between the different light, weather and dynamics from different couples, settings can take on a completely different feel.  Then there the times when he cocks his head to the side and realizes there was something there the whole time that he never noticed before. Like this little platform at Veteran’s Park. He’s not sure what its purpose is, but he loved the way it suspended Brittany and Justin over the choppy waters of Lake Michigan. To their credit, without a moment’s hesitation, they mounted that platform together (key word: together). It felt like a metaphor for this journey on which they are about to embark. The bird in the background is a nice bonus!

Milwaukee Engagement PhotographerMilwaukee Engagement PhotographerMilwaukee Engagement Photographer

These wispy willows around the lagoon make such a rich backdrop! We also love the contrast in texture between the crisp, in focus tendrils and the very out of focus trees in the background.

Milwaukee Engagement PhotographerAfter they had gotten all the could from Veteran’s Park, they made their way to Lakeshore State Park, just south of Discovery World. There are always great options there, especially this time of night. Between the water, the trees, the bridge and the skyline view, no matter what the light is like there is something great in some direction.Milwaukee Engagement Photographer

After that they thought they were done. Then the sun started setting and Eron realized there was one more opportunity they couldn’t pass up. He had to act quickly as sunsets don’t remain this rich for long. Luckily, Brittany and Justin were seasoned veterans at this point in the shoot and fell right into what Eron was looking for. The star headlight in the background is a bonus!

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer