Milwaukee Wedding Photos In Coronavirus Times

May 27, 2020 | Eron | 0 comments

Milwaukee wedding couple says ‘I do’ even though most of their family and friends have to watch on a livestream. We talked with this couple about a variety of possibilities in the weeks leading up to their wedding. In the end, they decided getting married now was most important. Nothing was going to stop that. So, they sized it down.

There were some benefits. Their dogs were able to be at the wedding! Also, some of the guests showed up and surprised them after the ceremony! They threw flower petals at them from 6 feet away. Everyone is getting creative!

Aside from the sparse wedding ceremony, we took the couple to a couple select spots and made beautiful art with them and their pups.

This wedding was pretty different than weddings of the past. But, it may closely resemble the weddings of the near future. We are so happy to be able to still make this art and provide this service in a safe way for folks.

To see more of our wedding work, please check out our portfolio.

Coronavirus Milwaukee photos


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