Milwaukee Art Museum Photographer: Art in Bloom!

Apr 29, 2019 | Event Photography | 0 comments

Every year we always know when spring is around the corner because we see Art in Bloom at the Milwaukee Art Museum on our calendar! The main attraction of this event is local florists creating arrangements inspired by art in the museum’s collection. See our blog for that story. But there are also all kinds of other fun activities for flower lovers. This post is about all of the excitement throughout the museum during this event.

The Milwaukee Art Museum is known for its wonderful light. This is the time when that light interacts with beautiful floral arrangements and the combination is stunning.

In addition to the floral displays, there is an entire market geared toward flower enthusiasts. It’s quite a unique shopping opportunity!

One of the most fun aspects about this event is how it affects all generations of a family.

There was also a timed arrangement competition featuring some local florists. Alt’s definitely made the loudest impression. As soon as the clock started winding, the sounds of a pot being smashed filled the air. These shards eventually were used as parts of the creation.

Milwaukee art Museum
Milwaukee art Museum
Milwaukee art Museum
Milwaukee art Museum

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