United Way 2023 Campaign Closing Event

Dec 20, 2023 | Event Photography

A Snapshot of Celebration and Impact

Joy and gratitude illuminated The Grain Exchange in Milwaukee as we celebrated the culmination of the 2023 United Way Community Campaign. Campaign co-chairs Sheldon Cuffie, Michelle Nettles, and Stephanie Riesch-Knappand came together, marking the successful end to the fundraising drive.

United Way Donor Networks members shared stories that vividly illustrate the real-world change achieved through their collective efforts. Their testimonials portrayed the tangible impact of the funds raised. The evening devoted attention to celebrating the historic milestones reached within the Safe & Stable Homes initiative, receiving applause for the progress made in providing secure housing options for community members.

Amira Adams, the 2022 United Way Philanthropic Youth award winner, delivered a captivating spoken word performance, beautifully capturing the essence of United Way’s mission and the significance of its key initiatives.

The evening’s highlight was the announcement of an impressive $57,042,911 raised during the campaign. This staggering amount stands as a testament to the generosity and dedication of our community.

These photographs remind us of the generosity and commitment propelling the United Way movement with positive change attainable when a community unites for a common goal.

To learn more about United Way, visit their website: United way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County

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