Elle Turns One – Rustic Wisconsin Portrait

Aug 23, 2017 | Babies, Families

We have a lot of fun jumping in the way back machine and reminiscing about just how long we have known some of these amazing people. (Have we said lately how much we love our job?)

Back in the day, we shared our Bayview studio space with a family company called Sound by Design. They have long since moved on to their own building and all sorts of new adventures. But these guys still hold a special place in our hearts and are certainly still honorary Front Room Family. We were so thrilled to meet up with them to celebrate their beloved Elle girl on the occasion of her first birthday.

We had a blast seeing little bits of each of her parents in her (daddy’s smile, mama’s eyes). And we can’t wait to see how her personality will continue to blossom. If she gets just half of her parent’s determination, drive, and passion…well look out world! Elle is going to make this place beautiful.


family portrait rustic wisconsin


• Sweet Moments with Mama •

When you are just turning one year old, there is nothing like moments with your mama.
It is the place you feel safe, warm, loved and free. 

mommy and baby first birthday portrait wisconsin

baby girl turns one and walks

mommy and daughter in Wisconsin

mommy and daughter, first birthday photo shoot


• Cuddles with Daddy •

Daddy cuddles are the best. Protection, unconditional love, unending devotion – when you are one, you know Daddy is your rock. Your steady place and your home. 

daddy and daughter snuggle in Wisconsin


• Flower Crown for a Birthday Girl • 

I must have flowers, always and always.
-Claude Monet

pale pink flower crown for first birthday

little girl turns one and wears a flower crownwisconsin garden family portraitlittle girl turns one in Wisconsinfirst birthday portrait baby walksfamily poses for portrait in Wisconsin

first birthday portrait in wisconsin

Those eyelashes though!!!