Milwaukee Family Photographer: A Family Growing!

May 14, 2019 | Families

The Engagement Session

It is not uncommon for us to be a couple’s wedding photographer before we become their family photographer. For Lauren and Nick, the fun all started with their engagement session. Featuring their dog Millie and a couple of strategic outfit changes, this was their chance to get to know that it feels like to be in front of our cameras. For many couples, the engagement session is their first experience with a professional photographer. We love getting to a great comfort level with a couple prior to sharing their wedding day.

Milwaukee engagement photographerMilwaukee engagement photographerMilwaukee engagement photographer

The Wedding

Lauren and Nick chose an unbelievable Saturday in June for their Grain Exchange wedding day. Of course, Millie made another appearance. It was a super fun day to be a part of and we were really honored to be there.

Milwaukee wedding photographerMilwaukee wedding photographerMilwaukee wedding photographer

And Then Everything Changed

Lauren and Nick knew life would be different when they got married. It’s why they wanted to get married! But, they could not have imagined the impact little Wyatt would have on their lives. They knew right away they needed something special to commemorate Wyatt’s arrival. That’s when we made the transition to being their family photographer!

Milwaukee family photographer

Milwaukee Newborn PhotographerMilwaukee Newborn Photographer6 Months Later…

And just like that, Wyatt was no longer a baby but a toddler with a keen fashion sense! And Lauren and Nick were no longer sleep-deprived newbie parents, but, rather, a (relatively) well-rested little family! This is one of our favorite ages to photograph. At this age, the personality is sparkling, they are able to sit up and react, but they aren’t yet mobile. It’s a great combo for a photographer!

Milwaukee family photographer

Milwaukee family photographer

One-Year-Old Mini-session

Every year we have a couple of weekends where we do mini-sessions to raise money for charity. As luck would have it, this particular year the timing perfectly lined up with Wyatt’s first birthday! As such, Lauren and Nick simply had to gussy him up in a bow tie and suspenders!

Milwaukee family photographer

Summer Turns to Fall

As the months ticked away and the leaves started to fall, Lauren and Nick looked at Wyatt and Millie and noticed all the incremental changes were adding up. It was time to update the family photo and take advantage of the beautiful leaves!

Milwaukee family photographerMilwaukee family photographerMilwaukee family photographer

Welcome, Rylie!

Just as Wyatt was getting used to being the sole attention getter, Rylie came along and he became a big brother! Lauren and Nick could not have been happier to see their family (and their photo collection) grow even larger.

Milwaukee family photographerMilwaukee family photographerMilwaukee family photographerMilwaukee family photographer