Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Sisters!

Jun 15, 2018 | Families | 0 comments

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Sisters!

Sisters. They share a special bond that nothing else can touch. The big sister loves taking care of her new baby sister. The little sister looks up to her big sister as her hero. Of course, there are moments that fly in the face of this Rockwellian scene. But as a Milwaukee portrait photographer, it is in our nature to bring out the best of this relationship.

Giving them the space in the park to really let their personalities come out is a big part of a shoot like this. It’s not just about meeting at the appointed time and checking off a list of agreed upon images. It’s about sharing an experience with a family and to capture them as they are.

It’s been stated many times, but kids really do change very quickly. That concept goes even further when you are talking about an age difference between sisters. There is only one time in life when these kids will be at this stage together and it is priceless to have these moments documented to reflect back on as life goes on.

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer

Milwaukee Portrait PhotographerMilwaukee Portrait Photographer

Milwaukee Portrait PhotographerMilwaukee Portrait PhotographerMilwaukee Portrait Photographer