Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Sisters!

Feb 5, 2018 | Families, Kids | 0 comments

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Sisters!

There are a few families that got to know us as a Milwaukee portrait photographer years ago and have made it an annual tradition to see us again! These sisters, Anne, Kate and Abby, have been coming to see us since Abby was in diapers. From day 1, they have each had such distinct personalities and not a moment of hesitation displaying them. It’s been really fun to see them each grow into themselves year by year. We always look forward to their visit because we know it will be equal parts entertaining and endearing.

As much fun as these girls are individually, that fun increases exponentially when you get them together. Anne’s proper demeanor plays off Kate’s emotive approach to life which plays off Abby’s goody side. It’s a wonderfully photogenic combination. We can’t wait for next year’s installment and the year after that!

With our passion for wedding photography, we can’t help to hope that someday, many many many years down the road, we will get to see these relationships and personalities fully matured at one or all of their weddings! As our careers stretch on, we wonder if that day will happen with any clients. We have had one senior portrait that came back to us for their wedding years later. If any family were to stick with us that long, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if it were these lovely ladies.

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