Milwaukee Branding Photographer: Aesthetics 360!

May 9, 2019 | Group Photography | 0 comments

We’ve known some of the key players at Aesthetics 360 for a while. Personally, we photographed Charlotte’s (seated below) wedding a few years ago. Professionally, we have already done one round of headshots. But this was the first time they had come to us as a branding photographer! They needed to update their look. Faithful to their name, they were keeping an eye on every aspect of the optics of the changes. The website was on point. Now they needed photos that would seamlessly blend in with the rest of their marketing facelift.

We worked with their creative department and their website developer to come up with a concept to strike the right note. As a result, we created a whole collection that is at once “professional, yet relaxed and comfortable”, just like their website promises!

Milwaukee Branding Photographer

We talked about shooting at their space to really capture their vibe. However, we discovered there were uncanny resemblances between their cream city brick and ours! Shooting in our space was the perfect aesthetic choice and helped us keep the whole project in budget. Also, this approach also allowed us to easily transition from our gallery space to our studio space for two totally different looks.

Milwaukee Branding Photographer

As a branding photographer, we always talk about all the ways updated imagery can help a company. We emphasize a cohesive look throughout a company’s branding approach. For Aesthetics 360, technically we ended up doing one full team shot and a headshot for each member. But, we were really creating a tool for them to use to introduce themselves to the world. They wanted another chance at a first impression and it was fun to work together to figure out the perfect way to execute that.

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