Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Corporate Group on Location!

Apr 11, 2018 | Group Photography

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer: Corporate Group on Location!

We have had many conversations with corporate clients about their desire for an updated team photo but they always run into one major issue:  scheduling. We all know how difficult it can be to get three people’s schedules together for a necessary meeting.  Trying to coordinate 12 schedules for a photo can be insurmountably daunting.

Is the whole team is coming together, say for a meeting, seminar or retreat? Even if the event itself isn’t worthy of documentation, the fact that everyone is together may present a perfect opportunity to give your corporate imagery a whole new and consistent look. Whether it’s just a team photo that you need or an entire round of headshots, we can make a plan to marry your goals to your agenda.

Association of Equipment Managers, AEM, got in touch with us because they had a scheduled corporate retreat at The Iron Horse Hotel.  They were concerned about squeezing this in because they had a pretty packed schedule. Knowing the Iron Horse Hotel so well, we were able to scout and set up the shot without interrupting their event. They popped in to our makeshift studio in the library for about 10 minutes and were back to the retreat!

We pride ourselves in being able to blend into any situation and find elegant ways to accomplish the photographic goals of our clients. To see our whole range of commercial experience, please check out our website.
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