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May 28, 2020 | Headshot Photography | 0 comments

Headshot photography can really take any shape that fits the brand of the clients with whom we are working. Some clients are looking for something they just haven’t seen before. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to help them figure out the look that will fit them best. As you can imagine, most professionals don’t come in with the vocabulary to describe the subtle ways their headshot should be different from all the rest. That’s where we come in.

This group of attorneys wanted something very clean and classy, but with a unique element to set them apart. Through some conversations about what aspects they were trying to convey, we came up with a couple ideas to tweak what they were used to seeing.

Background Color

First, rather than a drop-out white, we went with a slightly off-white background. The eye is drawn to the brightest part of the frame. This choice allows the gleaming smile of the subject to be that bright spot. It’s a subtle tweak, but when this background is compared directly to white, the difference is dramatic.

Unique Cropping

Secondly, we eschewed the standard head and shoulders cropping and instead opted for a waist-up composition. There were a number of reasons we did this. Immediately, the images make a more approachable impression. This helped to convey the warmth that was important to the team. Also, it gave each individual member a bit more freedom to express themselves and inject their personality into the images.

Individuated Wardrobe

Another way this team sought to differentiate themselves was to let each of member’s choice of wardrobe reflect their own character. You really get a feel from the choices everyone made as to who they are and what they are like.

In summary, we created a unique collection for this team of lawyers that reflects their collective culture and individual character. To see more of our headshot photography, please check out our portfolio!

Headshot Photography
Headshot Photography
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Headshot Photography
Milwaukee Headshots
Milwaukee Headshots


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