Headshot Photography: Headshots with Glasses

Jul 7, 2020 | Headshot Photography

We have heard some headshot photography clients challenges with other photographers and one consistent complaint comes up: glasses. This is one of the many reasons it pays to work with a seasoned professional. There is no substitute for developing the confidence that comes with handling many different studio situations. Managing the glare coming off glasses is only one of the many things that we think about as we guide someone through headshot photography. We are thinking about exposure, angles, equipment…and, of course, always making the subject feel comfortable.

We make people feel comfortable by accepting them for all that makes them who they are. It’s vulnerable to be in front of a camera, especially if it’s a place you’re not used to being. The last thing we want is to give anyone a reason to feel self-conscious. A headshot becomes a professional first impression, you need to look and feel your best.

To our utter dismay, we have heard stories of clients being told by other photographers that they would have to remove their glasses in order to get a good photo. We invite everyone to come here have a wonderful experience in front of the camera being exactly who they are.

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