Venue Spotlight: Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

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Schlitz Audubon Nature Center has long been one of our favorite venues in town. Simply put, there is nothing else like it in the Milwaukee area. We have had many wonderful memories there (some of which you can see below). Once a farm for the Schlitz Brewery draft horses, Schlitz Audubon Nature Center is Milwaukee’s comprehensive nature center. They offer six miles of trails that take visitors through 185 acres of forests, wetlands, restored prairies, ravines, bluffs, and Lake Michigan shoreline. Their main educational building transforms on most Saturdays into an event space that blends the class of the and north shore with the feel of the up-north.

Schlitz Audubon

Schlitz Audubon has been a nature preserve since the 1970s. The land was donated to the National Audubon Society by the Schlitz Family. The Nature Center was built in 2003. It houses a collection of Audubon nature illustrations as well as educational exhibits. They host corporate fundraisers, dinners, boardroom meetings, and retreats. Schlitz Audubon Nature Center even hosts it’s own events as well! Wine and beer tastings and trivia nights are available to the public.

We had a chance to sit down with Jessica and Jamie to find out more about the team that runs Schlitz Audubon and what makes the space so special.


The Interview

What is your beverage of choice?
– Stone Creek French Roast Coffee, New Zealand sauvignon blanc
Jaimee – coffee

What is your favorite junk food?
– ice cream
Jaimee – cookies

What is your favorite animal?
– cats (I have a bengal cat and an African jungle cat)
Jaimee – elephant

What is your favorite music?
Jessica – Rolling Stones, Classic Rock, Prince
Jaimee – 80s music at weddings, Bruce Springsteen

What do you like to do with friends and family?
– hike, boat
Jaimee – hike, play games

Schlitz Audubon

What types of couples are a good fit?
Couples who are looking to keep it simple. The space doesn’t need a lot of additional decor. People who are looking to give guests a nature experience, something rustic while still being conveniently located. Also, we have a lot of couples who are interested in working with a nonprofit

What types of services are available in-house?
It’s pretty straight forward. Rental of the space is primary, but we also offer bar service, event host, and special lighting. We have ample parking, which is a nice thing for couples to not have to worry about. We also can include admission for guests to our grounds. A lot of couples wonder what their guests will do while they are off taking photos. That is not an issue here!

There are over 60 volunteers who care for the raptors at the preserve

What are some fabulous features at Schlitz Audubon?

Raptors can join your cocktail hour! Also, you can have a tree ceremony and your tree will be planted at Schlitz Audubon. They even give you the GPS coordinates of your tree so you can always find it!

Schlitz Audubon

What is your favorite thing about weddings at Schlitz Audubon?
We are very proud of our great customer service. That is first and foremost. We also love our outdoor ceremonies. They encapsulate everything Schlitz Audubon is all about. However, it being Wisconsin, we are also blessed with wonderful indoor options in case of inclement weather. There are a total of four ceremony spaces available, two indoor and two outdoor.

Schlitz Audubon
Schlitz Audubon

What are your favorite wedding trends?
Donuts and other alternative desserts! We also have seen and love the concept of tree saplings as a wedding favor. That clearly fits with our theme here. Sunday weddings have also become more common which is a wonderful development.

What is your best advice for engaged couples?
Do your research and be sure of your budget before you start booking things. Some venues include tables, linens, chairs, AV, etc and some don’t. You may find there are a lot of additional expenses depending on your venue. It’s hard to know all the right questions to ask, but there are so many online resources now. That makes it a lot easier to go into the process prepared.

Schlitz Audubon
Schlitz Audubon
There are numerous gorgeous photo ops all over the grounds: beach, prairie, woods, tower
Schlitz Audubon

To find out more about Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, check out their website!

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