Marketing Campaign Photography: United Way Success Stories

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Being brought in to do marketing campaign photography often requires our team to plan shoots over the period of several years to build up the narrative of an organization. We love when we can partner with a business or organization to be a part of strategizing that narrative, designing a content style that will drive forward the mission and tell stories that bolster the goals of our partners.

That is exactly what we were able to do with United Way for their Success Story program. Over the course of several years, we helped hone in the process and look of these images. Telling a story that would be impactful – showing the difference being made and inspiring people to act to continue making a difference in the future.

Success Story: Children’s Hospital Community Services

When Karin and Gary moved to Brookfield, they had no built-in support system and needed to access services for their⁠ three-year-old son, Judah, who has Down syndrome. The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services’ Volunteer Respite Care program connected Karin,⁠ Gary, and Judah with assistance, support, and a community of other families of children with special needs.⁠ United Way funding helps Children’s Hospital Community Services offer the Respite program free to families.⁠

Marketing Campaign photos
Marketing Campaign photos
Marketing Campaign photos
Marketing Campaign photos
Marketing Campaign photos

Success Story: Project Homeless Connect
John and his girlfriend, Teresa, had fallen on hard times and were sleeping in a local park. Then John learned about Project Homeless Connect, a one day event that brings resources and services under one roof to support people experiencing homelessness. United Way is a proud partner in this annual event. Project Homeless Connect helped John and Teresa find stable housing. Once he was back on his feet, John felt a strong pull to help others and signed up to volunteer at Project Homeless Connect. “It brings tears to my eyes to help people find the resources they need,” said John.

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