Milwaukee Commercial Photographer: United Way Success Story!

Nov 9, 2019 | Marketing Campaign Photography | 0 comments

The work we’ve done with United Way over the years has exposed us to countless inspiring stories. We have met people who have not only overcome challenges but are thriving in the face of adversity. The Alexander family is a shining example of this. They moved to the area about two years ago with their two sons – Asher (5) and Judah (3). These have nothing but fun and it’s clear that Judah’s Down syndrome is just one aspect of what defines his special role int he family.

When they moved here, they started attending Children’s Hospital Community Services Volunteer Respite events. These events invite children with special needs and their siblings for a day of fun activities with local volunteers so the parents can get some time to themselves. The boys LOVE going to these events and mom Karin tells everyone she meets about them

These stories are full of joy that somehow sprouts from adversity. The shoots we are doing for United Way reflect both sides of this equation: happy inspiring photos (above) as well as gritty images (below) reflecting the struggle. This was a concept that we generated after working with United Way for a couple years. We learned so much more about the mulit-faceted stories we are telling! Each aspect, the surviving and the thriving, are integral to understanding the whole story.

Check out more of our work with Milwaukee non-profit here:

You can see more of the great work United Way is doing at their website!


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