Venue Spotlight: The Atrium

May 22, 2018 | Milwaukee Venue Photographs

Venue Spotlight: The Atrium

The Atrium is one of the Milwaukee area’s newest, most unique venues. Located in the suburb of Shorewood, the neighborhood is excited to have an new space to host seminars, awards ceremonies, community events, and charity events.

The treatment of the space is very modern but it also has an amazing rooftop courtyard which creates a great balance of trendy style and natural beauty. The space is run by event industry veterans who know exactly how to guide a company and remove any stress involved in the the process of putting on an event.

the atrium wedding    the atrium wedding

The Team

Josh Erickson and Zach Dewitt are the faces of this new space. The Atrium is part of the Sound by Design and Camp Bar universe, and Josh has been on the Sound by Design team for a long time.

He is the perfect choice to lead this new venture. Zach was once part of the Sound by Design team as well, then he migrated to managing the first Camp Bar, and has now graduated to The Atrium.

This is a team that knows exactly what it’s doing and has its finger on the pulse of what today’s couples are looking for. We had a chance to sit down with Josh and Zach to learn more about each of them and this unique space that they run.

the atrium wedding

Josh Erickson – Director of Operations

Favorite Junk Food:  French Fries

Adult Beverage of Choice: Don Julio

Favorite Animal: Pugs

Favorite things to do with friends and family: Travel, Golf, Barbecue

the atrium wedding

Zach Dewitt – Event Manager/Social Media

Favorite Junk Food: Soda or anything with caffeine

Adult Beverage of Choice: Tito’s and water

If you had a yacht, what would you name it: New Minglewood Blues

Favorite Animal: Penguins

Favorite things to do with friends and family: Golf, Sports events, Concerts

the atrium wedding

The Interview

Fun Facts About The Atrium

  • It was once Bill’s Garage.
  • It still has the original garage doors out front.
  • It was most recently shared by Anaba Tea Room, ModGen (which is now in the Third Ward), and Tochi.

the atrium wedding  the atrium wedding

How would you describe the style of the space?

Blended styles, industrial chic, with warmth from the brick and wood elements.

We love the great chandelier!

The upstairs garden space offers a very different style element from the main space and adds variety to the guest experience. Because of this diverse ambiance this space can be the perfect choice for many different styles and sizes of corporate parties.

the atrium wedding

the atrium

Fab Features at The Atrium?

Coming from the DJ world, sound and lighting were are a big priority for us as we were setting up this space.

An integrated sound and lighting system at the space ensures that speeches and music sound awesome throughout the whole venue.

the atrium wedding

Services available:

  • Event Space
  • Tables and Chivari Chairs
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Bar
  • All Sound by Design services available as well
  • Vendor referral

the atrium












the atrium

the atrium

Why Book The Atrium?

  • The level of service is top notch
  • Support from staff members
  • Very unique space
  • It’s the Camp Bar team meets the Sound by Design team, two successful businesses that are industry leaders in Milwaukee!
  • A large bar on the main level can easily serve a large group.

the atrium weddingthe atrium wedding 

The Details

  • Ballroom capacity: 200 seated
  • Event on the roof: 100 guests
  • Many choose to have the rooftop cocktails followed by hosting the main event in the ballroom

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the atrium

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