Case studies

Artrya Healthcare Promotional Campaign

We collaborated with Sydney-based company, Artrya, to create an international healthcare campaign. The campaign promoted innovative artificial intelligence technology that detects coronary artery disease. The goal of this campaign was to create visually unique imagery that demonstrated this concept in an abstract way.

The campaign creation and execution was 4 short weeks and included sourcing diverse models to pose as both doctor and patient. On photoshoot day, we coordinated hair, makeup, and wardrobe for the models.

The goal was to create imagery that felt emotive and hopeful with optimistic facial expressions. To accomplish this, we used strong light sources against a blacked out backdrop to illuminate the subject in a dramatic silhouette of light rays.

These photos were planned to be used in a variety of formats for web, print, and trade shows. As always, we photographed while keeping the end goal in mind, ensuring ease of usage with a variety of landscape and portrait options.

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