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Milwaukee Eye Care Brand Photo & Video

Milwaukee Eye Care came to us needing new, fresh photos and videos to match their new modern website. We coordinated on-site sessions in their main offices and worked around the challenging schedules of busy doctors.

Understandably, the busy practice and doctors were not initially excited to take time off to do this project. They were especially hesitant to do bio videos because of a past bad experience with a videographer.

One of our strengths in video interviews is that we make a genuine effort to connect and learn about our subjects. This makes them feel at ease and ready to give more emotive answers to what can be otherwise dry questions.

To maximize time, we captured both photo and video on-site, at the same time, eliminating the need for multiple shoot days or separate companies.

We created a library of photos and video snippets of doctors with patients in exam rooms, simulated surgery, and customer service. We also captured updated headshots and group photos.

When the staff saw the incredible images and videos we were able to capture in the time we had, they were thrilled and glad they took the time to do it.

Now, we see Milwaukee Eye Care on a regular basis. As they expand their team, we can provide consistent imagery for both photo and video. This ensures they have a consistent look and feel across all brand applications.

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