5 Reasons Potawatomi is Still Amazing After 25 Years!

Jul 5, 2016 | Uncategorized

5 Reasons Potawatomi is Still Amazing After 25 Years!

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We had the opportunity to be at the 25th Anniversary Party for Potawatomi earlier this year. With the recent opening of their new hotel, huge renovations, and additions it got us thinking about what we love most about Potawatomi after all this time? It’s obvious and I’m sure you’ll all agree with this Milwaukee Event Photographer, that this is one of the places to be in Milwaukee!

5 – The Games

Of course after 25 years, Potawatomi still has people coming in droves to socialize and try their hand at some of the best gaming around! Whether you are a fan of slots or blackjack, this casino has a game for you.

Milwaukee Event Photographer

4- The Food

Have you eaten at Potawatomi? In addition to the staples that we all know and love, they just began offering sushi at RuYi, their Authentic Asian Bar. It’s not just a destination for gamblers, but for foodies too!

Milwaukee Event Photographer  Milwaukee Event Photographer

3 – The Staff

Potawatomi has assembled an amazing group of people to assist their guests. From their event hosts, to restaurant staff, and the game hosts everyone is friendly and ready to help make your trip to their facility amazing! Look at this guy serving wine on a unicycle – that is service!

Milwaukee Event Photographer  Milwaukee Event Photographer  Milwaukee Event Photographer

2- The Parties

These folks know how to throw one heck of an event! Everyone is always having such a good time – it’s hard not to smile when you are in attendance. Each party is unique – something to marvel at and talk about. From the decor to entertainment and lodging, they have it all under one roof. One stop shop? Yes please!

Milwaukee Event Photographer  Milwaukee Event Photographer  Milwaukee Event Photographer

1 – The Space

The main event room at Potawatomi is huge, totally versatile and able to be transformed into whatever is needed for a group of any size. We love the way the room can look totally different and feel like a completely different place from event to event. It means that the same group could use the space year after year and feel like they have never been there before!

Milwaukee Event Photographer

Milwaukee Event Photographer

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