Anna & Brian – Lake Park Bistro Wedding Photographer

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Anna & Brian. They are infectious in a very good way.  Anna has a laugh, that across the room makes you smile.  Brian has the calmness of an insurance agent 😉 but he also has the energy of a man in love.

As most of you know, I love what I do, in fact I feel luck.  So when Anna and her mom JoAnn came in to see me, I knew that I wanted to photograph their wedding.  They told me of this relaxed affair at Lake Park Bistro, ceremony outside and lunch inside.  We would all retire outside for desert and dancing.

Those moments before the ceremony.  Nervous energy flows and the rings get switched for the left to right hand.

As her laugh is heard, you can see her smile across the room.  I just love that I can hear her happiness. I can see that her dad has the same smile.
The Lake Park Bistro staff was ready and waiting  with yummy (so I was told, none for me) cocktails to get the celebration started.  Perfect for the summer heat.

Seriously, the Cake Lady rocked an amazing cake. I have a bad sweet tooth, so all day I was waiting.

pink and white wedding cake

Hearing all of the Bistro filled with cheer and love, I haven’t heard that much excitement resonate in a while. I believed they humored us with a couple kiss, but I knew that were willing for more…

People have asked me what are the most important elements of a wedding and here is one. Emotion.  Seeing Anna smile and cry with her eyes. Knowing how loved she is by her family and friends.  Then seeing Brian look over at her. Watching, laughing and comforting her.  Yes that man has true love for her.

We got to see Chef Adam Seigel go to work and all the staff put out amazing LPB food.
Grampa wasn’t with us in body, but he was kept close to Anna and all of us with a photo of the two of them together.

1st dances, sometimes pretty, sometimes sweet.  With Anna and Brian, awesomeness oozed.  They had practiced a dance that was them.  Everyone cheered and laugh as they went through their routine.

The power of Sound by Design was felt. All I have to say is that if I ever want to let some steam loose, I am grabbing teachers.  If KISS and Einstein had a lovechild, they would have made this group.  They danced and celebrated for hours, I mean hours.   Little did I know that Brian was not a table dancing newbie.  He and his friends have made this a tradition, so much so they know where to stand as to not break the table.

Yeah, they rock.  Not only because they celebrate life the way the love, all out.  They are sweet and wonderful.  They care about everyone around them so much.  They are the type of people that you want to be around.  So I feel super-duper honored to have been them, but bummed since it is over; unless they need to go Fiji to renew their vows….. hint.
(And a special hug to JoAnn, she sent me sweet tear-filled thank you email that made my day.)


Ceremony and Reception: Lake Park Bistro

Flowers: Something Borrowed

Dress by: Allure Bridals

Bridesmaid Dresses by: JCrew

Cake: The Cake Lady

Entertainment: Sound by Design


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