Chicago Wedding with a Great Gatsby Theme – Lindsey & Jed!

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Chicago Wedding with a Great Gatsby Theme  – Lindsey & Jed!

Lindsey and Jed got in touch with us for their Chicago wedding after hearing about the great experience their best man had with us when he got married. We adore going above and beyond to every client happy and when that effort evolves into a referral it stirs up our inner pride. Being entrusted with cherished memories is an amazing feeling. That is one of the most satisfying aspects of the work we do here. When those new opportunities arrive in the form of couples like Lindsey and Jed, with their self-assured sense of style and salt-of-the-earth dispositions, it is an affirmation that we are doing it right.

“It is important for us to have a fun and stress free wedding day. The theme of our wedding is more old fashioned or vintage with a Gatsby flare.”


It is always fun to photograph a downtown Chicago wedding, especially one featuring amazing and historic venues like St. James Chapel and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago‘s ballroom.  While the wedding is primarily about the people for us, having great architectural and environmental opportunities doesn’t hurt. Lindsey and Jed initially chose these locations to set the tone thematically for the wedding.  Now they have a whole set of memories forever attached to these locations.



Rings:  LMJ Jewelers

Wedding Planner:  Kim Luettgen

Bridal Gown Designer:  Jenny Packham

Bridesmaids Dresses Designer:  Adrienne Papell

Hair and Makeup: Patty McGuire

Entertainment:  Connexion Band

Cake:  Portillo’s

Florist: Sheri Sangiacomo

Catering:  Food For Thought and Lisa Ciechanowski
SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_849

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_FB_01

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_081
SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_089

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_069

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_258

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_249

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_FB_02

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_184

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_FB_03

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_420

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_442

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_456

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_FB_04

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_499

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_516

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_505

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_572
SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_FB_05

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_744

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_693

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_768

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_766
SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_784

SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W_797
SAIC Ballroom_Chicago_Wedding_Photographer_FRPhoto_160227SQ_W Babbin_TY_01


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