Destination Wedding Photographer- Bali, Indonesia- Athalia & Ivan

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Having the privilege to travel half-way around the world to document their wedding is an honor that almost defies description.  There were many options Lia and Ivan had when planning their wedding in their homeland of Indonesia.  When they contacted us about the prospect of going with them, it took a few moments to sink in that following our passion for photography for the last 15 years could possibly lead us to Bali.  But it did.  And we have many photos to prove it!

After 29 hours of travel on three different airlines through three different countries, we walked into the scene that for months had been occupying our daydreams.  Of course, the experience was a whirlwind.  Before we knew it we were on a beach for the freshest seafood grill you can imagine (plus roasted corn on the cob with a sweet spicy relish the thought of which makes my mouth water right now) followed by a ceremony in a one-of-a-kind airy, triangular chapel and an outdoor reception that was, in a word, perfect.  You couldn’t ask for better weather, tastier food or a more beautiful location to make memorable imagery. To top all this off, the day after the wedding we even had a chance to learn about the art of Indonesian wood carving and batik. We also got to see monkeys (Eron even had three of them on his head at one point)!
Beyond fulfilling the visions of Bali that had been dancing through our heads, what really made this experience special was the warmth with which we were received by Lia and Ivan’s families, friends and the Indonesian people as a whole.  We in the Midwest think we have cornered the market on being gracious toward outsiders, but, let us tell you, the acceptance we experienced has carved out a fond place in our hearts for Indonesia and it’s people.
Everyone encouraged us to feel at home and even taught us some Indonesian words. We had a montab (awesome) time!



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