FRP Love – Kudos!

May 29, 2012 | Uncategorized

Recommended by the Pfister Hotel

Knowing the Pfister Hotel strives for perfection and excellence, it was natural to choose their recommendation for a photographer. Front Room Photography exceeded our expectations.

Unique candid shots of each event of the evening, artistic rendering of the fine details, creative capturing of the bridal party, and the beauty of the bride in stunning poses are examples of the photographs that bring to mind a flood of memories of a spectacular evening.

The professional staff is reliable and responsive in immediately setting up appointments and being available to answer any question. The photographer was a gift for the wedding party as he was genuinely warm, knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic, flexible, and fun! His creative pictures reflect the emotions from utmost joy to heartfelt tears.

The waiting time for the first pictures is minimal and ordering prints a breeze. Photographs arrived in a time frame as promised in a lovely gift box tied with a satin ribbon. Shipping charge for out of town orders is nominal. Just four months after the event, the wedding album is ready to be reviewed by the bride and groom. Careful one-on-one approval is the norm.

When the excitement of the night is over, all that remains are the photographs. With Front Room Photography, you will not be disappointed with your treasured memories.

-Jean-Marie Daleo (Mother of the Bride)