Goodwill Billboard Photography – Milwaukee Commercial Photographer!

Jan 10, 2013 | Uncategorized

One of our favorite commercial jobs is to work with Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin on their iconic billboards that go up all over the Milwaukee and Chicago areas. We have so much fun working with everyone (especially on days when we have various characters walking around the studio…aliens and cowboys and such)! Plus it is so fun to see our work up on billboards!

Nope-that’s not Eron. Could be though.

We do have a print of this guy hanging around Front Room…waiting to jump out and scare those Front Roomers who are a tiny bit creeped out by clowns…

This one unfortunately didn’t quite make the billboard cut…but we loved it so much we kept them around anyway. Who can resist a valiant tractor-driving elephant, the beautiful princess he is trying to rescue and the evil (but kind of loveable as the bad guy) dinosaur that bites off princesses head? Yup–that is the kind of stuff we do in our “free” time around here.