Goodwill Billboards: The Images Behind the Signs

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One of our most varied and interesting commercial accounts is the series of Goodwill Billboards we’ve been working on for the last four years.  Once every few months our gallery, normally a quiet, reflective place, turns into a madhouse of makeup and models.  Over the years there have been superheroes, monsters, chefs and aliens strolling through our space.  It’s always fun when an unsuspecting wedding client swings by to pick something up and stumbles upon such a scene.

The them of this last shoot wasn’t something Goodwill sells, but something Goodwill does.  If you’ve never seen Goodwill’s Good Prospects program, check it out.  It’s an online opportunity to help people discover and propel their careers.

Goodwill has set up a system where unwanted items can be transformed into productive careers.  That is worth highlighting!

150916N_C1 Goodwill0862 Gary

150916N_C1 Goodwill0872

Jason 150916N_C1 Goodwill0888 Jeff 150916N_C1 Goodwill0903Julie


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