Guest Blogger-Golden Chic-Copper: the New Metallic!

Jun 6, 2012 | Uncategorized

Copper: the New Metallic
by Sara Dahmen; Golden Chic Events

For a long time, weddings were dressed in silver – silver chiavari chairs, silver wedding bands and silver printing on invitations. Silver or platinum was the choice of the decade, the metal that replaced gold in the wedding world.

In the past several years, we’ve started to see gold creep back here and there. Perhaps as an accent to a fall-themed affair, or as a subtle part of the decor. Gold’s still not back as the mainstay of engagement or wedding bands, and perhaps it never will be. Couples are now looking for even more unique metals to use there, and elsewhere, when pulling together their wedding day.

Warm tones are back in vogue – whether you pair yellow with grey or orange with blue – seeing hotter colors in unexpected places has once again become part of wedding design. I myself have been surprised at the number of times my couples decide to rent the warm hued wooden chairs versus using the cooler white chair covers or silver chiavaris. Even the stark whites of lounge furniture are coming in cozy tones like brown, or are dressed up with pillows or warm lighting.

But as for the metallic vibe that has to underlay all wedding design (let’s face it, you have to use a metallic somehow in the decor – whether it’s silver, gold, black iron or something else) I’m hopeful that copper will continue to grow as a favorite for a few
years to come. It’s warm, burnished and can be either chicly modern or classically vintage. Copper is unexpected and unique, and every couple wants that for their wedding day. The question is – especially since rental items like furniture and chairs don’t come in this color – how do you use copper in the decor if you go this more unusual route of warmth?

I find it’s easiest to infuse copper with linens – either as a hint or a full-on color smash. You can also use it in the floral with wires or in rusty colored blooms. I’ve seen corsages with copper wiring as decoration, or copper candlesticks in highly visual areas
like the guestbook sign in. Using copper metallic ink on all printed materials will be special and either refined or casual depending on the print method and the font style.

In essence, using a little creativity, you can use a new creative element in wedding design that may be the exact pop of panache you need to finalize the wedding of your dreams.

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