Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 23, 2017 | Uncategorized

Happy Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving upon us, we wanted to take a moment to let everyone in the Front Room universe know how thankful we are for the opportunities given to us to make and record memories with and for you. It’s been an amazing year for us on every level and none of it would have been possible without all of you embracing our vision and passion.

Of course, good vibes have a way of snowballing. When we put our all into everything we do, we often find appreciation comes back to us in a variety of ways (goodies, gifts, praise,…). As we were trying to think of the best way to express this gratitude to all of you, it was to our great surprise and pleasure that we were reminded of all the reasons we love doing what we do through this amazing review that just came in from one of our most recent weddings.

marcus center wedding

Maggie married Sal  just eleven days ago.  This is how she framed her experience with us on The Knot:

“When I first started looking into photographers, I was very conscientious about price. We had initially gone over our budget to get the venue we wanted. I was really interested in Front Room just from going to their website and seeing all the reviews. When Eron reached out to me I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it work due to price. He encouraged us to come in and take a look at the different photographer’s work. Photographers are at different tiers of pricing depending on who you pick. When we got there, they had a welcome sign up for us and he met us after our shifts at work. He stayed as long as we needed to answer our questions. He showed us the portfolios and we instantly fell in love with Amanda’s shots. I was still worried about the price but the Mr. and I talked it over and realized that if we wanted the best quality, it was worth it to pay the extra money. I did a phone meeting with her to go over details and then we met in person a few weeks before the wedding. We got a really good vibe from her; you could tell she knew what she was doing and enjoyed it. Wedding day came, and Amanda was AMAZING at directing family, bridal party, and us. Even the small things made a difference (turn head this way, no too much, drop shoulder, etc). She was quick and on point and was everywhere at once. Her assistant rocked too, and they put up with my pirate’s mouth. A couple days later they posted the teaser photos and we. were. AMAZED. I teared up instantly. The shots were incredible and breathtaking. Amanda had a vision for everything and nothing was missed. Amanda and her assistant were very professional the whole time even when dealing with our crazy families. She knew what we wanted and didn’t go off of what family wanted until we had gotten the shots we wanted. At one point we snuck out and were able to do pictures outside and Amanda and her assistant didn’t complain about the cold or anything. From consultation to wedding day, Front Room always made us feel heard and welcomed. The price wasn’t that much more than other places anyway. You get what you pay for. We haven’t gotten our photos back yet as it’s only been about two weeks, but honestly if it takes them longer I’m totally okay with that because I know they take awhile to pick out the best photos from thousands. I will tell anyone if you’re worried about the price, just go for it. We did and it was the best decision we ever made. These are photos you’ll look at for the rest of your lives and when you want to look back at beauty, you’ll be reminded of the great decision you made.”

To see the rest of Maggie and Sal’s beautiful Marcus Center wedding check out our blog!

We love and appreciate our clients for all the faith they put in us and the joy the bring into our lives.  We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving as they create more family memories together. marcus center wedding