Janice & Ryan – Turner Hall Ballroom Wedding

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What can be said about Janice and Ryan’s wedding that the pictures don’t say?

This was a day that started with four and a half hours of salon time at Beauty, AND I NEVER GOT BORED!! This is a crowd perfectly in tune with each other to the point where they are constantly entertaining themselves, each other and anyone in their vicinity. And with the number of Front Room veterans in this wedding party, I was keenly aware of who to keep an eye on.

It’s always a pleasure to witness a ceremony at St. Hedwig’s on Milwaukee’s fashionable East Side. Serendipity sent us skipping down the lakeshore until we found a place you can park a big yellow school bus. We ended up in our secret spot in the 5th Ward, which provided a backdrop that was in fantastic, gritty contrast to the bright colors and personalities of the wedding party, one of whom was on a leash, other’s of whom arguably should have been.

Then, finally, I had the pleasure of shooting a reception at Turner Hall Ballroom. I’ve seen great bands there, such as OKGO, Lucero, Spiritualized and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, but I’d never had the opportunity to inhabit the space photographically. It is really beautiful in a very unique and dilapidated way.

Of course, when you’re documenting a crowd where the bride follows her aunt in dancing on top of a table until management makes them get down, the scenery literally fades into the background. And then Janice became JanBot, the DJ bride spinning records at her own wedding. At one point, I thought a dance off was about to erupt. But, in the end, everyone used their dancing powers for good and not evil.

With all the chatter on Facebook preceding this wedding, it was eagerly anticipated, apparently globally, but definitely locally around the office. It lived up to the hype.


Ceremony: St. Hedwig’s

Reception: Turner Hall Ballroom

Coordinator: Karen Schoenung

Flowers: Flowers by Faye

Brides dress by: Kittychen Couture from: The Dress by Nicole

Bridesmaid’s dresses by: Aphrodite Designs from: Luci Boutique

Hair and makeup: Beauty

Cake: Cakes While U Wait

Catering: Lee Johns Catering


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