Kate & James – Wisconsin Club Photography

Jun 13, 2010 | Uncategorized

I have heard many times, “when I get married, I will use you!” So when the call came from Kate, I was thrilled.  I first met her at Marissa and Will’s wedding, as she was a bridesmaid. She was full of energy and spoke about this cool guy named James, which I had to meet.

Going forward some time, I was really honored to have been invited to photograph Kate and James wedding. I fear that I have so much that I want to share that I miss out on some of my favorite moments.  I guess having so many wonderful moments is a good thing.

A wedding to me is all about the couple’s style.  Be it the kickin’ venue or that all the maids have great different shoes.

No wedding is complete without the morning toast, be it the mimosa or the soon to be emptied bottle of scotch (yes, that is a great way to bribe me… love scotch)

So when the Wisconsin Club was chosen, it wasn’t just because it is beautiful.  But Kate has done her research.  I feel like Kate could be a great granddaughter getting married.

Even the way over, she told me about the history of the walk over to the church. Loved that small details meant so much.

Yes, they are that musically cool.  They brought in a symphony in for their music.  And yes, I felt like I was in a movie when she walked down to the symphony playing Jupiter.

Shoes #2.  Great wedding shoes and hot summer date nights.

Ok, yes this is the two that started it all.  Congrats to Marissa and Will and the new family coming soon J  Also, gotta say that all my prayers for Will to return safe from Iraq have been answered.  Not to mention that they are crazy in love and great to see them together.

Love to see the Wisconsin Club post renovation.  It was done so well and the place is just that pretty.