Kate & Steven – Milwaukee Engagement Photographer with Dynamic Events

Jul 19, 2010 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Sometimes you can’t just do an engagement shoot.  Sometimes we have to play and do an editorial session.  Then, add in the talents of David Caruso of Dynamic Events and we have something cool.

I have never seen Kate on a ‘bad shoe day,’ she always has something sassy going on.  And she’s fearless in them as well. Love it.

I know that there is not a secret to a good relationship, but I do believe that to love, you’ve gotta laugh.  That way you can get through the tears. And do they laugh. They make each other laugh and me too.  Kinda my weakness;  I cannot shoot and laugh.

One of my favorite moments, from any couple, is the moment between.  It is not always the kiss but the touch before.  It is the moment where they connect and the smile happens. Just about evey moment together seems to be a “moment.”

I am really excited for this wedding, bummer is that I have to wait till next year to shoot it. And watch out Dynamic Events is doing styling their wedding, which means fabulous.