Milwaukee Event Photographer: HPGM

May 24, 2016 | Uncategorized

Milwaukee Event Photographer:  HPGM Annual Meeting

As a Milwaukee Event Photographer that works with a lot of non-profit organizations, we get to meet a variety of very giving people week in and week out.  It’s hard to underestimate the impact of near-constant exposure to empathy.  It’s a quality that is the best kind of contagious.

The HPGM (Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee) annul meeting was no exception to that rule.  This is an organization that is doing amazing things for the Hispanic community as a whole and some very lucky and special members of the community specifically.

HPGM‘s mission statement is the following:

“We work to showcase talented Hispanics throughout all stages of their career, from student to executive, while providing our members with opportunities and tools to reach greater levels of success.”

This evening was covered all that ground and more.  They filled the ticket with inspiring speeches and a veritable parade of scholarship and award winners.  The Pfister Hotel was a wonderful venue for the annual event.  It’s history and elegance perfectly reflected the values of HPGM:  stay the course and you can become the pinnacle of your community.

Milwaukee event photographer

Milwaukee event photographer

Milwaukee event photographer

Milwaukee event photographer  Milwaukee event photographer  Milwaukee event photographer
In the world we live in, tragedy and negativity tends to dominate the public eye and conversation.  Unfortunately, unifying events like this often go underreported.  It’s so important to highlight the good that people are doing for other people.  That kind of positivity has a habit of spreading.

The more we can all believe in each other, the more we can all believe in a better future.  HPGM is doing an outstanding job of showing us all how it should be done and they are helping many people along the way.

For more information, visit the HPGM website.  If you are inspired by their mission and story, please consider contributing to their cause.  They are grateful for any and all support they receive.