Milwaukee Lakefront Engagement Session – Evan & Michelle!

Aug 2, 2016 | Uncategorized

Milwaukee Lakefront Engagement Session Evan & Michelle!

We first met Michelle & Evan before they were even officially engaged. But this super prepared couple wanted to get a jump on wedding planning. We can’t believe that we are already here, talking about their Milwaukee Lakefront Engagement Session!

When we first started talking about pictures, Michelle told us that:

“I am looking for a photographer that is comfortable with the wedding party. We’d prefer it feel more casual and like a friendship then a business situation as I think that results in better pictures. I LOVE photos with dramatic lighting (both natural and with staged lighting) – it looks like you guys have these down, that’s what actually caught my eye as I was browsing through photos on google. I also really love candid photos. I’m super excited for the Botanical Gardens because of all the opportunities for natural photos, and some of the buildings are really beautiful too. I am also excited for photos in the walk way in the rose garden. From what I’ve seen, if it is a sunny day, cloudy day, or even rainy day, we will be able to get some amazing shots at this venue!”

We thought they would be a great fit for Amanda and we were so excited when they chose to work with her! The trio headed to the lakefront to grab some beautiful summertime engagement photos. It was a beautiful day and we love how the shoot turned out!

Be sure to notice the outfits they chose – we adore how they are coordinating but not matchy-matchy. They look so great together!



One thing we love about what we do is getting to know couples. To know their story, their likes and dislikes and who they are. It helps us to be good storytellers for them. And we have had a great time getting to know Michelle & Evan so far.

“We love going up north, camping and 4 wheeling (and snowmobiling when we actually get snow!). We also really enjoy exploring new bars and restaurants. We love going to the movies. We also enjoy going for walks/hikes. We like going to museums, traveling, and just generally trying new things!”  -Michelle


“I like classic rock and alternative rock/pop, and some country. Evan thinks ‘Call Me Maybe’ was the glory days of music, so his opinion doesn’t count! 😉 ” – Michelle

Fun fact, ‘Call Me Maybe’ will be put on repeat on our office music system from time to time and we wait to see how long it takes to turn it off. 🙂




Their big day is still a little bit away – but we are already excited for all their wedding has in store, and being a part of it that day (and capturing it for them to look back on for years to come!).

“My hope is that the day will feel casually elegant and light hearted. Of course we take getting married seriously, but I don’t want it to feel like a solemn occasion (including the ceremony), I want it to feel like a celebration. We don’t want to take ourselves too seriously!” – Michelle

When we find a couple who just love life, love being together, laughing together and enjoy their wedding experience to the fullest, it makes our hearts happy and ignites the passion we have for our work. Thank you, Michelle & Evan, for being one of these couples!