Milwaukee Portrait Photography – Sophia, Spencer & Harper!

Feb 4, 2013 | Uncategorized

Eron had a blast hanging out with Sophia, Spencer & Harper in the studio for a little sibling photo shoot. Kids change so quickly all by themselves. But the sibling dynamic at any particular age can be so totally different that it is always great to see parents who value capturing that time, not just of their children individually but of the group.

Part of what we love about our portrait sessions is that they are a time to have fun, enjoy family time and create memories together. It’s not just posing in front of a nice backdrop for our photographer. The emotions that this allows for range greatly–from giddy laughter to adorable tears to just plain silly. It’s our honor to capture that. It’s how kids really are. It’s how you will remember them. And we think your images should reflect that.

As much as we look at the images we create, we always love to get the parents take on the resulting imagery. They know their kids better than anyone and little nuances in the looks of their children evoke much more from their parents than do from us. For example, we thought the above images of Harper were so sweet and angelic. But when the family came in for their ordering session, Harper’s parents saw something much different. They loved the look, one that they are so familiar with, but sweet and angelic were not the words they used to describe it. They saw the plotting mind of their mischief maker.

Getting to know our clients in such a personal way is part of why we love what we do. Every family is different but all have things in common. Universal themes of love, life, and laughter always seem to result from the time we spend together and the art we create.