Milwaukee Wedding Photographer: Bella Bridesmaids Art!

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Bella Bridesmaids Beautifies with Front Room Art!

Being a Milwaukee wedding photographer, we have the privilege of working with many talented artisans in our professional community.  One of the most satisfying aspects of these working relationships is being to support each other.  That support comes our way when our colleagues tell offer their couples passionate and personal endorsements of our work.

Being image makers, we are in the unique position of offering our colleagues access to pieces that showcase their wonderful work. We have gone to great lengths over our 20 years to make sure we are doing all we can to offer that support to the talented array of friends in the wedding community.

Milwaukee_Wedding_Photographer_photo 2 (1)

Milwaukee wedding photographer

Bella Bridesmaids knows their job is to not only guide brides in their quest to make sure their friends look their best, but also that they feel their best on a very special day.  Though they excel at this job, it’s always helpful to have artful evidence to demonstrate it.  When Bella Bridesmaids lamented a blank wall in their downtown Milwaukee location, we stepped up and offered to fill that void.  The result is this wonderful canvas image of some of their dresses in action.


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