Rachel and Nicholas

Jun 5, 2009 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

What a wonderful afternoon to take the dog for a walk. I met up with Rachel and Nick at Caffreys Pub across from Marquette where these two meet as friends and classmates…. I think every which way a relationship starts is wonderful however, I think its especially wonderful when a couple gets to know each-other as friends first. Then they fall in love with each other love for the person they really are.

Rachel and Nick had their awesome little buddy MacGregor, the sweetest bulldog ever tag along. Its fun to see how people light up when they talk about their furry friends and how this furry friend lit up the afternoon.

It was so natural to photograph Rachel and Nick. They are clearly very comfortable with each other and love each other immensely. I am looking forward to their wedding in Lake Geneva.




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