Red Cross Brave Hearts Heroes Photography!

Apr 25, 2012 | Uncategorized

We had the honor and privilege to shoot some extraordinary individuals for Red Cross Brave Hearts Heroes awards. It was an amazing experience for us and were thankful to have had the opportunity to shoot and work with all of them.

Brave Hearts recognizes and celebrates the life-saving achievements of everyday heroes; those who have prevented life-threatening situations from occurring, come to the aid of another or contributed to the safety of our community. Awards are presented to six recipients in the following categories: Community Safety & Security, Animal Companion, Emergency Response, Military, Youth, and Hero of the Year.

Officer Guadalupe Ramirez-Cervantes
Emergency Response
Presented by Forest County Potawatomi Foundation

An officer of the Milwaukee Police Department, Ramirez was on patrol when he smelled smoke. And discovered a home engulfed in fire. Ramirez will be honored for saving the life of a 2-year old girl who was trapped inside.

Frederick Goss, Shekena Goss, Keandra Lasher and DeMarco Royster
Presented by State Farm

These alert middle school youths discovered 2 children, ages two and 6-months abandoned in Sherman Park one evening. They went to the nearby Boys and Girls Club to get help and get the children to a safe, warm place.

Sherri Stigler
Community Safety & Security
Presented by Right Management

While attending Memorial Day parade, this alert hero saw a man collapse.  She rushed over to administer CPR until the EMT arrived, saving this 68-year old, Military Veteran’s life.


Sergeant Caroline Knitter
Animal Companion
Presented by American Red Cross

Sgt. Knitter has led the charge in ending animal cruelty in Milwaukee. Her work resulted in the arrest of  individuals operating a dog-fighting operation and a case of an animal being set on fire.


Christopher Winchell
Presented by Rockwell Automation

As a member of the Wisconsin Air National Guard, Winchell puts his life on the line flying combat missions over Iraq and Afghanistan. Last year, he also decided to help save the life of someone special by donating a kidney to his step-dad.


Michael Grabowski, Jr.
Hero of the Year
Presented by Northwestern Mutual Foundation

Michael was hit and killed by a motorist while helping someone who had just been involved in a hit and run accident.