Thirst Relief International

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I met Jim Davis-Hicks over a year ago, real nice and unassuming at first.  With a great laugh and warm smile he told me about a project that he had been working on.  I assumed it was something simple, like putting in a garden.  But no, he figured out an inexpensive way to produce something so simple, clean water. He started an organization called Thirst Relief International. (Yes he is a photographer, husband, father, and kind soul.)

So money is tight, I realize that.  But so often we go home and see tragedy on the news, but what can we do.  Any donation makes a big difference. Allowing people to have clean water to drink allows for basic life, to so many.  Please donate or pass along the info.


Last year, Thirst Relief stretched the gifts it received from people like you to serve an incredible 62,000 people with safe water. The average cost for this lifetime supply? Just $4. Imagine the impact your gift, DOUBLEDthrough this matching challenge, could make in 2009.
To participate in the matching challenge,DONATE ONLINE and select “matching challenge” under “campaign.”
To participate in the matching challenge, CLICK HERE and donate online by June 30th. Be sure to select “matching challenge” under campaign.
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