Wedding Showcase at Grain Exchange!

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Another Beautiful Wedding Showcase at Grain Exchange!

The winter months are when the weddings slow down a bit and the wedding showcases ramp up.  It’s a chance to update portfolios, reflect on what the last year of has taught us and meet all kinds of couples just starting on their wedding journey.

The Wedding Showcase at Grain Exchange was kind of the start of the showcase season for us and not only had a great turnout of brides and grooms, but was a rare opportunity to catch up with friends we normally only see at weddings,

We in the wedding industry are a flock that flies together whenever possible.  “Whenever possible” generally means every Saturday, when we each run into a random selection of each other throughout most of the year.  Of course, we are all pretty busy at those times making dreams come true for a special couple.

It was an evening that brought together excited brides and grooms with reinvigorated vendors in a classic room all decked out without the stress of an actual wedding.  That combination made the wedding showcase at Grain Exchange a wonderfully warm place to be on a cold Wisconsin winter night.











Decor:  Evénement

Linens:  BBJ

Tables and Decor:  Canopies

Lighting:  Sound by Design

Music:  Sound by Design

Cake:  The Cake Lady

Flowers:  Impressions by Esther Fleming and Shorewood Florist


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